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Wordpress Courseware Plugin turns Wordpress into a feature-rich learning management system (LMS). Includes a drag-n-drop course builder interface and impressive quiz functionality!

Wordpress Courseware Plugin Version 4.8.14, Released on November 30, 2021 is based on the product developed by and distributed here by FlyPlugins.com.

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WordPress Courseware Plugin: Overview

WordPress Courseware Plugin lets you turn WordPress into a learning management system (LMS). Create courses, course units and quizzes. Use the slick drag and drop interface to quickly order your course content.

WP Courseware Plugin- frontend Courses

Course Prerequisites & Certificates
Includes support for course prerequisites. Offer proof of course completion with downloadable pdf certificates.

Student Management and Notifications
New students enrolled? Manually or automatically approve new enrollments! Stay connected with students using customizable email notifications. Notifications are available for course actions, quizzes and final grade announcements.

Restrict Course Access
In addition to selling courses, you can limit course access to specific users. Make course content available to ‘registered,’ ‘enrolled’ or ‘logged in’ students.

Progress Reports
Grade Books offer your instructors a detailed look at quiz stats and student progress.

Sell Courses

WordPress Courseware Plugin supports two major ecommerce solutions: WooCommerce and Paid Memberships Pro.

Here’s a look at assigning courses to WooCommerce Products using the WordPress Courseware WooCommerce Add-On:

WP Courseware Plugin-backend Course Access Settings

Hands down the most popular WordPress ecommerce solution, the core WooCommerce plugin is free to download. WooCommerce supports many payment gateways, which require additional plugin purchases. Luckily, we’ve got all the best wordpress woocommerce payment plugins discounted on our partner site, Seylin.com
You’ll need…
WooCommerce (Core)- Free!
WordPress Courseware WooCommerce Add-On

WooCommerce payment plugin/s…
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PayPal Digital Goods
PayPal Advanced

Paid Memberships Pro
This comprehensive paid memberships solution supports most popular payment gateways. Combine WordPress Courseware with this plugin to offer unlimited ‘member’ levels for accessing protected content, recurring payments and much more!
You’ll need…

Powerful Quizzes

Quiz functionality is where WordPress Courseware Plugin really shines. Quiz options include…

Quiz ‘Pages’
Survey Mode
Timed Quizzes
Random Questions
Question Banks

Instructor goodies like…
Set limits on the amount of times a student can ‘retake’ a quiz.

Set a ‘passing score.’

Customized feedback.

WordPress Courseware Plugin: Demo Frontend

Course Progress
Show students which courses they are enrolled in from the frontend by adding a ‘course progress’ shortcode.

For instance, you can create a “My Courses” Page (Pages > Add New) and then insert the shortcode:

WP Courseware Plugin- backend Make Course Visible from Page

The student would then see their courses on the frontend from the “My Courses” page. If they have made no progress on a course, the progress circles on the right side will be grayed out:

WP Courseware Plugin- frontend Courses

If the student has made progress, completed Units will display a green checkbox:

WP Courseware Plugin-frontend Courses Progress Info

WordPress Courseware Plugin: Demo Settings

First, you’ll want to define general settings for WordPress Courseware Plugin. To do so, go to Training Courses > Settings

WP Courseware Plugin- backend Setup 1

WP Courseware Plugin- backend Setup 2

Create a Course (this consists of naming the course and defining some general settings):


Create some Course Modules– think of these as course ‘topics’ that will organize your lessons (called “Course Units” here). You must create at least one Course Module.

WP Courseware Plugin- backend Module Associated Course

WP Courseware Plugin- backend Add Modules 1

Create Course Units (lessons) and Quizzes. Course Units and Quizzes are the actual course content.

WP Courseware Plugin- backend Add Course Unit

Then, add your Course Units and Quizzes to a Course Module using WordPress Courseware Plugin’s easy drag-n-drop course builder tool!

WP Courseware Plugin- backend Drag and Drop

WordPress Courseware Plugin: Compatible With

Integrates seamlessly with many must-have plugins and services. If you are using WooCommerce to sell courses, you’ll want to consider both the WordPress Courseware and WooCommerce plugins needed to integrate your site with these popular services.


Slack WooCommerce Integration — Buy discounted on Seylin.com

Magic Members
Wordpress Courseware Magic Members Add-On

Wordpress Courseware WishList Add-On
WishList WooCommerce — Buy discounted on Seylin.com

… and many more!


By offering premium WordPress WooCommerce plugins and themes without support or automatic updates, we can provide them more affordably. Need commercial support? Consider buying directly from the original developer.


wpLEARNS is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the product provider/author. WordPress plugins and themes may be registered trademarks of their respective provider/authors. This product is available under the GPL License.

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GPL 2.0


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Wordpress Courseware Plugin, Version 4.8.14, Released on November 30, 2021



3 reviews for wpLEARNS WordPress Courseware Plugin

  1. Rishabh

    WP Courseware may not be your choicest solution if you’re looking to micromanage a large-scale e-learning enterprise …

    But when it comes to WordPress, WP Courseware is a safe bet. It’s probably one of the fastest, if not the fastest, ways to get your LMS content up and running, thanks to a clean and clutter free interface and drag and drop options.

  2. Sue Mayor

    I needed a simple plugin to create courses for my nonprofit. This plugin did the trick. I love the ‘queestion pool’ which lets me use quiz questions more than once. Thanks for offering this at such a great price!

  3. Bob

    This is an incredibly powerful plugin with some very cool features. As someone who has experience with online course development, I found that it has just about everything you would need to create a dynamic set of offerings on your site.

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