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WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin is a highly respected Learning Management System (LMS) for WooCommerce. Build courses online, complete with lessons and quizzes.

WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin Version, Released on October 1, 2021 is identical to the product distributed here by WooCommerce.com.

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What’s included in the DISCOUNT PACK?
  • WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin (Core)
  • BadgeOS (Pro Add On)
  • Content Drip (Pro Add On)
  • Certificates (Free Add On)
  • Media Attachments (Free Add On)
  • Sensei Course Progress (Free Add On)
  • Course Participants (Free Add On)
  • Share Your Grade (Free Add On)
  • Buddypress (Free Add On)
  • WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin: Overview

    WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin lets you create a course management website (think Udemy or Team Treehouse). This fantastic theme for WooCommerce provides everything you need to make money on course content.

    Multi-media course content
    WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin supports text, video, audio and images. Basically, any kind of media that WordPress supports is supported by Sensei.

    Support for native video uploads. Sensei also lets you embed videos from other third party sites like YouTube or Wistia.

    Course Progress
    Add support for ‘course progress’ to Sensei with the ‘Course Progress Add-On.’ Use the BadgeOS add-on to award badges for progress levels.

    Sell courses
    Assign a Sensei course to WooCommerce products to sell access to the course! If you want to sell subscriptions or ‘memberships’ to your course content, check out the plugins below!

    Quiz support
    With manual or automatic grading options! Choose from these question formats:

    • Multiple Choise
    • True/False
    • Gap Fill
    • Sigle Line
    • Multi Line
    • File Upload
    • Multiple Choice

    WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin: Demo Frontend

    Course Pages, with Lessons
    On the course page, lessons display (with or without images) under the course description and image:

    When are courses and lessons complete?
    Use ‘Course Settings’ to decide when a course is complete– when the student clicks the ‘course complete’ button or when all the lessons are finished! Students must be logged in to ‘complete’ a lesson. To do so, they click the ‘Complete Lesson’ button:

    Support for Prerequisites? Yes!
    For any course or lesson, you can require that ‘prerequisites’ be finished before that content is viewable. Here’s an example:

    Video Embedding? Yes!
    Here’s a look at a lesson with an embedded YouTube video:

    WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin: Demo Settings

    General Settings
    From Sensei > Settings > General, you can decide if users need to be logged in to view course content. Choose which Pages on your site should display ‘My Courses’ and more!

    Course Settings
    From Sensei > Settings > Courses, define how your Courses should look and work. Including, whether course pages should display a featured image and what size those images should be.

    Lesson Settings
    From Sensei > Settings > Lessons, define how your Lessons should look and work. For example, decide if the featured image you define for a lesson should display on the Course page (“Course Lesson Images”).

    WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin: Offer Memberships!

    If you want to build offer tiered memberships, combine Sensei with…

    To offer non-tiered memberships, combine with

    The developers of Sensei have created fantastic documentation on how to use WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin with the above plugins. So, you’ll definitely want to check out the official documentation.

    WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin: Compatible With

    This plugin is compatible with many other WooCommerce plugins, including…

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    WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin Version, Released on October 1, 2021

    3 reviews for wpLEARNS for WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin

    1. Laura

      “Sensei is built by them to be the best WordPress LMS plugin in the market. For the role of a learning management system, Sensei is also working out of the box with easy content creation, prerequisite setting for courses and lessons, quick user registration, quiz grading…The course analysis in Sensei is really amazing that gives you an overview of content, scores, and registers…If you want to have a report, just export it into .CSV file. Upon completion of any lesson and course, user will get email notification. Besides that the private messaging is also built-in without any additional plugin.”

    2. Tim S

      If you are already committed to the WooCommerce ecosystem, Sensei is definitely the right LMS choice. There are so many well supported, well developed plugins to choose from to extend features and functionality. Happy with our choice.

    3. mallory ritter

      if quizzes are important to you, choose Sensei!

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