wpLEARNS Lifter WordPress LMS WooCommerce Add-On

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Lifter WordPress LMS WooCommerce Add-On integrates Lifter with WooCommerce. A pro add-on for LifterLMS.

Lifter WordPress LMS WooCommerce Add-On, Version 2.2.1, Released on July 15, 2021 is IDENTICAL to the product distributed here by LifterLMS.com.

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Product Description

Click “Get Instant Access!” Follow payment instructions on the checkout page. After payment, you will instantly get a download link for Lifter WordPress LMS WooCommerce Add-On Version 2.2.1, Released on July 15, 2021?

Requires: Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin

Lifter WordPress LMS WooCommerce Add-On requires Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin (Core).

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Lifter WordPress LMS WooCommerce Add-On: Overview

This pro add-on lets you sell Lifter courses with WooCommerce. Associate your courses with WooCommerce product/s. When students buy the WooCommerce product, they will be automatically enrolled in the courses associated with that product.

You’ll also need…

  • WooCommerce Plugin (Core)- Free!

Why sell Lifter courses with WooCommerce?
Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin comes with built-in support for processing payments with Stripe or PayPal.

However, you might choose to sell Lifter courses with WooCommerce instead if you need any of the following:

  • You need to support complicated tax rules.
  • You sell physical or virtual products– other kinds of products besides courses or memberships.
  • You want to use a gateway other than Stripe or PayPal to process payments on your site.

Lifter WordPress LMS WooCommerce Add-On: Demo

After installing the Lifter WordPress LMS WooCommerce Add-On, enable the integration between Lifter and WooCommerce.

Go to LifterLMS > Settings > “Integrations” > ‘WooCommerce Settings’LifterLMS WordPress Plugin eCommerce WooCommerce Integration

Adding WooCommerce integration to a Course or Membership is easy! You can do so from the “Product Options” panel on the Membership or Course edit page. Choose a ‘WooCommerce Product’ to link the Course or Membership to. After the linked WooCommerce Product is purchased, the student will be enrolled in the Membership or Course.

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin - eCommerce WooCommerce Link Courses

“Do I need a LifterLMS Coupon Code?” Nope!

Just click “Get Instant Access!” and follow the instructions. You’ll receive a link enabling you to instantly download any products you’ve purchased.


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Additional information


GPL 2.0




As released


Lifter WordPress LMS WooCommerce Add-On, Version 2.2.1

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    If you want to use the best ecommerce solution for WordPress with the best lms solution, this add-on is a must!

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