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Setup for WordPress Courseware Plugin

After activated, WordPress Courseware Plugin adds two new menu items to WordPress Admin menus: Training Courses and Course Units

Go to Training Courses > Settings

WP Courseware Plugin- backend Setup 1

Licence Key Settings
If you are purchasing WordPress Courseware Plugin from wpLEARNS, you can leave the License Key field blank.

License keys are only for automatic updates and support, and are provided only when you purchase the plugin from the developer at full price.

You do not need a license key to use the plugin. You can apply updates that you receive from wpLEARNS manually.

It’s ok to leave ‘Activate’ checked (nothing will change) but you may check ‘Deactivate’ to avoid confusion.

Unit Comments
Decide whether you’d like to enable comments for Course Units, site wide. You can still disable comments for an individual Course Unit. Choose ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

Style & Design Settings
If you do not plan to provide your own stylesheet, leave ‘yes’ checked here. By default, WordPress Courseware Plugin will apply its own styling.

Drip Feed Notifications
When a Course Unit has a ‘drip feed’ enabled and that unit becomes available, the WordPress Courseware will send enrolled students an email. Decide how frequently your site should check to see if there are any new notifications.

Powered By Link
By default, WordPress Courseware Plugin installs a ‘Powered By WP Courseware’ link on your site.

Leaving the link in place is a nice way to promote the plugin’s original developer. However, many professional sites will not want to display such a link on their site. Choose ‘No’ to disable that link.

WP Courseware Plugin- backend Setup 2

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