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Sell Courses (eCommerce)

WordPress Courseware Plugin supports several other plugins which let you ‘sell courses.’ Including, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Sell Courses with WooCommerce

Add WooCommerce Product/s
If you haven’t yet, go to Products> Add Product to add a WooCommerce Product that will sell access to your course/s.

WP Courseware Plugin- backend Add Product to WooCommerce

You can sell access to more than one course from a single WooCommerce Product. Or, create multiple WooCommerce Products that each sell access to different Courses.

Link WooCommerce Product/s to Courses
WordPress Courseware WooCommerce Add-On adds a new menu item to Training Courses > WooCommerce.

WP Courseware Plugin-backend Course Access Settings

There you will find a list of all WooCommerce Products added to your site.

Click “Edit Course Access Settings” to define which courses that WooCommerce Product should give access to when purchased.

Choose whether or not to give access to new courses you’ve added to current customers of that product (“Do you want to retroactively assign these courses to current customers?”)

After Purchase, Course Outlines Give Access to Course
Imagine you’ve create a WooCommerce Product called “Master Lessons in Japanese Cooking”

You’ve created a Course called “How to Make Sushi” (the course ID is ‘2’) You’ve given the WooCommerce Product access to that Course (Training Courses > WooCommerce > “Edit Course Access Settings” )

A user, Clint, buys “Master Lessons in Japanese Cooking.” He is now ‘enrolled’ in the course “How to Make Sushi.”

Now, Clint can access that course from every Course Outline on your site that includes the Course ID ‘2’ in the course outline shortcode (the ID for the “How to Make Sushi” course).

Students get access via the Course Outline to courses they have purchased . You manually add Course Outlines to Post, Pages or Products of your choosing.

We recommend adding the Course Outline shortcodes to any WooCommerce Product/s that, when purchased, will give students access to the course. The WooCommerce order confirmation page includes a link to the WooCommerce Product purchased.

Create a ‘My Courses’ Page
If you haven’t already, create a page to display courses a student is enrolled in:
Pages > Add New

You could call it ‘My Courses’ or something similar. Then, add this shortcode to that page:


WP Courseware Plugin- backend Add Page

This page will then list all the courses a student is currently enrolled in. Clicking on the toggle bar will open the Course to display a full Course Outline, including course progress info. Students can access course content by clicking on Unit links.

WP Courseware Plugin-frontend Courses Progress Info

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