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Student Management

In order for users to access Courses created with the WordPress Courseware Plugin, users must be…

  • Registered on your WordPress website as a ‘subscriber’
  • Enrolled in the ‘Course’ they want access to.


User registration is supported natively by WordPress.

To allow anyone to register on your site…

  • Go to Settings > General > “Membership”
  • Check “Anyone can register”
  • Set a “New User Default Role” (probably you want to set this to ‘Subscriber’)

This will add a Register page to your WordPress site, for instance:


Course Enrollment

How users ‘enroll’ as students in your course is defined at the Course level.

To define Enrollment settings…
Go to Training Courses > “Edit Course Settings” >

Click “User Access”

WP Courseware Plugin- Backend Course Enrollment

Choose “Automatic” or “Manual” — See below for details on these options.

If you set a Course’s “User Access” to “Automatic,” every student that registers will be enrolled into that course automatically. However, if WooCommerce is enabled, “Automatic” access is only granted through purchase of an affiliated WooCommerce product.

If no WooCommerce Product is linked to a Course, “Automatic” access setting will not give subscribed users access to that Course. Instead, you have to grant Users access following the process for “Manual” User Access detailed below.

If you have an eCommerce plugin enabled (such as WooCommerce), setting a Course’s “User Access” to “Automatic” means this: New users are automatically given access if they successfully ‘purchase’ a WooCommerce Product that grants access to the Course.

To confirm this, go to Training Courses > Under the ‘Settings’ column, Courses linked to a WooCommerce Product that also have “User Access” set to “Automatic” display the following message: “New users given access based on WooCommmerce product”

To give subscribed Users access to a course manually…

  • Go to Users >
  • Search for a User (the one you want to give Course Access to)
  • Click “Update Course Access Permissions”
  • Check the box next to the Course you’d like to grant that User access to.
  • Click “Save Changes”

Bulk Grant Access

To grant ‘bulk access’ to a course…

  • Go to Training Courses >
  • Click “Edit Course Settings”
  • Click “Course Access Tools”

Choose one of two buttons: “All existing users (Including Administrators)” or “Only All Existing Administrators”

Bulk Import Students

Want to bulk import students with a CSV file? Go to…

  • Training Courses–>Import/Export
  • Click on the “Import Users”
  • Click “Choose File” Choose CSV File to upload.
  • Click “Import Users”

WP Courseware Plugin- Backend Import Export Users

IMPORTANT: Your CSV document must be set up with specific headers for import to work. See documentation here for details.

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