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Social / Messaging / Buddypress

By default, the WordPress Courseware Plugin does not offer much in terms of built-in social networking– between students and instructors or between students.

However, you can integrate WordPress Courseware Plugin with Buddypress– WordPress’ premiere social networking plugin– to add this functionality to your elearning site.

WordPress Courseware Plugin + Buddypress

To integrate WordPress Courseware Plugin with Buddypress, you’ll need to purchase a third-party plugin available here.

With the WordPress Courseware BuddyPress Integration Plugin, you can offer students the following:

Course Groups
Students enrolled in a Course are automatically subscribed to a course group, where they can communicate with other students and the course instructor.

Activity Streams
Motivate your students by helping them advertise their achievements for things like…

  • Perfect quiz scores
  • Awarded certificates
  • Course completion
  • Module completion
  • Unit completion
  • Quiz completion

Course Messaging
Students can message with other students or instructors.

Enhanced Profiles
User profiles can feature course-related content.

Social Sharing
Give students the ability to promote their course achievements on Facebook or Twitter. Also a great way to market your courses!

Buddypress Settings

Here’s a quick look at the many components for the core Buddypress plugin:

WP Courseware Plugin- Backend BuddyPress

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