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WordPress Courseware Plugin supports the following Quiz question formats:

  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Open-ended
  • File Upload
  • ‘Pool’ Questions – Re-use a Question from your Question Pool
  • Random Questions – Based on Question Tags

Question Hints
For each question, you have the option to add a ‘hint’ which appears before the student has submitted an answer to the Quiz Question.

Question Explanations
For each question, you have the option to add an ‘explanation’ which will display to the student after an answer is submitted to explain why the correct answer is correct.

Question ‘Tags’
For each question, you have the option to add ‘tags’ to help organize your questions in the ‘Question Pool’ and to assist you in adding ‘Random Questions’ (see below).

Question Pools
By default, WordPress Courseware Plugin adds all Questions you create to the ‘Question Pool.’ This lets you re-use questions in any number of Quizzes.

To see the Question Pool, go to Training Courses > Question Pool

Random Questions
If you choose to add a ‘Random Question’ to your Quiz (by clicking on “Add Random Questions” from your ‘Question Tools’ Panel), you will have the option to add a random question from your Question Pool based on a specific ‘tag.’ Or, you can pool a random question/s from the entire Question Pool.

Building Quizzes with WordPress Courseware Plugin

To add a new Quiz…

Go to Training Courses > Add Quiz/Survey

Define General Settings, including…

  • Quiz Title
  • Quiz Description – Not visible to students
  • Define Quiz Type – Options are ‘Survey Mode’, ‘Blocking Quiz’ and ‘Non-blocking Quiz’

WP Courseware Plugin- Backend General Settings for a Quiz

Define Quiz Behavior Settings:

WP Courseware Plugin- Backend Quiz Behavior Settings

Define Result Settings, then click “Save All Quiz Settings and Questions.” If it is a new Quiz, you won’t have added any ‘Questions’ yet.

WP Courseware Plugin- Backend Quiz Result Settings

After you have saved a new Quiz, you will see a “Manage Questions” for the Quiz you just created. Click “Manage Questions” to add questions to your Quiz.

To add Questions, simply click on the question you’d like to add under the ‘Question Tools’ panel. In the example below, we clicked “Add True/False”:

WP Courseware Plugin- Backend Adding Questions to a Quiz

Here’s an example of how a WordPress Courseware Quiz will look on the frontend:


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