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Course Progress

WordPress Courseware Plugin has built-in support for Course Progress. Both students and instructors can view course progress.

Course Progress: Students

From Course Outlines
Students can view their Course Progress (Unit Completion) from the Course Outlines:

WP Courseware Plugin-frontend Courses Progress Info

The outline for users with permissions displays the ‘progress’ next to the unit. That circle is gray if the student has not yet completed the unit. It is green with a check if they have.

From “My Courses” Page
Add the following shortcode to any Page (Pages > Add New) in order to display a course progress panel for any course a student is enrolled in:


Students click on Course ‘toggle’ to open the Unit Progress information.

See wpLEARNS Documentation on “Make Course Visible” for more on Course Outlines.

Course Progress: Instructors

Instructors can view students’ progress for a given course by using the ‘Grade Book’ for that Course.

To see the Grade Book, go to…

Training Courses > “Access Grade Book” >

WP Courseware Plugin- Backend Grade Book Student Progress

Course Progress Widget

There is one widget that WordPress Courseware Plugin provides by default– and it’s a good one!

To find the widget, go to Appearance > Widgets > “Course Progress”

WP Courseware Plugin- Backend Course Progress Widget

This widget provides a snapshot of Course Progress, but also a valuable navigation tool for students as they take a course.

WP Courseware Plugin- Frontend Course Progress Widget

Choose whether to display…

  • A specific course or
  • User’s current course – The course associated with the unit that the user is currently viewing
OUR RECOMMENDATION: We recommend selecting “Show User’s Current Course” here.

Customize your widget display
Options include…

  • Show Course Title
  • Show Course Description
  • Show Module Descriptions
  • Only display this widget when showing a course unit
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