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Make Course Visible

To make courses you create with the WordPress Courseware Plugin visible, you need to add each Course to your site manually with a Course ‘shortcode’.

Course Outline Shortcode

To make a Course visible, add the course outline shortcode to any Post, Page or Product. Example:

[wpcourse course="2" /]

The “2” refers to the course id. To find the course id, go to: Training Courses >

The course id is in the first column labeled ‘ID.’

Optional shortcode arguments let you decide which aspects of a course to make visible. The options are:

show_title – Default is ‘false.’ Set to ‘true’ to display the course title.
show_desc – Default is ‘false.’ Set to ‘true’ to display course description
module – Display just a specific module from the course. To find module numbers, go to Training Courses > . They are under the “Modules” column.
module_desc – Default is ‘false.’ Set to ‘true’ to display the Module descriptions.

Here’s an example of a shortcode which will display the outline for Course ‘2.’ It will display the Course Title, list of all Course Modules (Units and Quizzes) and Module descriptions:

 [wpcourse course="2" module_desc="true" show_title="true" show_desc="true" /]

Who Sees the Course Outline?

You’ve added a course outline shortcode to a Page. Who can see that outline (ie, the ‘Course’)?
Anyone with permissions to view that Page, Post or Product can see the course outline. However...

The outline will look different depending on if the user has permissions to view the content of the Course.

If a user does NOT have permissions to view that course…
The course outline will display with no clickable links and no progress circles. In other words, they can’t click on the ‘Course Units’ (Module titles) and so can’t access the content.

If a user HAS permissions to view that course…
The ‘Course Unit’ titles in the outline are click-able and will take the student to that unit. The outline for users with permissions also displays the ‘progress’ next to the unit. That circle is gray if the student has not yet completed the unit. It is green with a check if they have.

WP Courseware Plugin-frontend Courses Progress Info

Course Outlines and WooCommerce ‘Products’

Want to sell access to courses with WooCommerce?

We recommend adding the Course Outline shortcodes to any WooCommerce Product/s that, when purchased, will give students access to the course.

Why? It’s the obvious place students will look for access to the course after checkout.

After purchasing a WooCommerce product, users are by default redirected to an order confirmation page. That page includes a link to the WooCommerce Product purchased.

Since that is the ONLY link included on the order confirmation, it’s a good idea to make the Course Outline available from the Product Page. After the user has completed the checkout, they are ‘enrolled’ in the Course associated with the WooCommerce Product they purchased.

When the user (now enrolled) revisits the WooCommerce Product page, they now have access to the course content through the Course Outline.

They will now have permissions to click on the Course Unit links and access the content.

A student must be enrolled in the course specified in the shortcode in order to click on the Course Units, otherwise the units will not be “clickable”.
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