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Add Modules (aka Topics)

WordPress Courseware Plugin ‘Modules’ are really just ‘sections’ or ‘section headers.’

They are topics that you can use to organize your actual course content. That course content will consist of Quizzes and ‘Units’ (Lessons).

You must have at least one module in order to add Quizzes and ‘Units’ (Lessons)

Two ways to add Modules

  • Go to Training Courses > Add Module OR…
  • Go to Training Courses > Training Courses – Here you will find a list of all Courses you have created. Click “Add Modules” next to the Course you want to define Modules for.

WP Courseware Plugin- backend Module Associated Course
Enter a “Module Title.”

Select an “Associated Course” (here is where you choose the Course you just created from a drop-down list).

Enter a ‘Module Description.”

Click “Save ALL Details”

To find the Modules you added, go to Training Courses > Modules, Units and Quiz Ordering

WP Courseware Plugin- backend Drag and Drop

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