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Add Course Content

Add course content with ‘Course Units’ and ‘Quizzes’.

Course Units

Think of WordPress Courseware ‘Course Units’ as Lessons. ‘Course Units’ are where the bulk of your ‘content’ for the course goes. Course units are custom WordPress Posts. For that reason, there are technically two ways you can create a ‘Course Unit’:

Convert a normal Post to a ‘Course Unit’
You can create a normal ‘Post’ (Posts > Add new), then click ‘Convert Post to Course Unit’. If you do this, the post will no longer appear under ‘Posts’ but under ‘Course Units’ in the WordPress Admin.

Create ‘Course Unit’ directly
Go to Course Units > Add New

WP Courseware Plugin- backend Add Course Unit

No, you can’t create a course unit from the Training Courses > Add Course interface.

What can ‘Course Units’ include?
By default, ‘Course Units’ can include any information you can add to a normal WordPress Post:

  • Text
  • Links
  • Media
  • Forms (if you have a plugin that adds that functionality)

Use S3 Media Maestro by the WordPress Courseware Plugin developer to include video, audio and documents in your Course Units– delivered from Amazon CloudFront.

By default, after you’ve created a Course units they are not assigned to any Courses or Course Modules. They are considered ‘Unassigned Units’


See wpLEARNS Documentation on Quizzes to learn how to add quiz content with WordPress Courseware Plugin.

WP Courseware Plugin- Frontend Example Quiz

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