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Add Course Content to Course Module

By default, after you’ve created a Course Units they are not assigned to any Courses or Course Modules.

They are considered ‘Unassigned Units.’ You must add each Course Unit to a specific Course Module. Only then, is that Course Unit content part of your Course.

To add Course Units, go to Training Courses > Modules, Units & Quiz Ordering

WP Courseware Plugin- backend Drag and Drop

You will now see your newly created Course Units and Quizzes under ‘Unassigned Units’ or ‘Unassigned Quizzes.’

‘Drag and Drop’ to build your Course!

This is where WordPress Courseware Plugin really shines! Drag-and-drop Units and Quizzes into the Course> Course Module to assign that content to your course.

Course is built, now what?

You’ve built your course. Now you want to see it on the frontend.

By default, Courses (their modules, units and quizzes) don’t appear anywhere.

There is no default ‘listing’ of all courses on the site on a page. There also doesn’t appear to be a shortcode that will display ‘all courses. This is different from the way an LMS plugin like Sensei handles things. Sensei automatically installs Pages like ‘Course’ and ‘My Courses’ and automatically adds the shortcode needed to display the relevant courses.

Instead, you must add each Course to your site via using a Course outline ‘shortcode’.

Check out the documentation on “Make Course Visible” to learn how.

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