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Before You Begin…

To make the process of adding courses easier, there are a few things you will want to do.

Unlike some other LMS Plugins, WordPress Courseware Plugin does not automatically create pages your users might expect.

For instance, there is no ‘Courses’ page. No page that will automatically generate a catalog of all the courses you offer.

Instead, WordPress Courseware Plugin provides a variety of useful shortcodes that you can use to display that kind of content. We will talk more about shortcodes in that part of the Documentation.

Create a ‘My Courses’ Page
Create a page (Pages > Add New) to display courses a student is enrolled in. You could call it ‘My Courses’ or something similar. Then, add this shortcode to that page:


WP Courseware Plugin- backend Add Page

Go to Appearance > Menu and assign the ‘My Courses’ page to a menu. Perhaps a menu that also includes ‘My Account’.

WP Courseware Plugin- backend Add Page to Menu

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