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Social / Messaging / Buddypress

By default, the wpLEARNS for WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin offers offers private messaging between students and instructors if the setting is enabled. Registered users who are logged in can also send messages to the Course Instructor even for courses they are not enrolled in.

To make sure private messaging between students and instructors is enabled…
Go to Sensei > Settings > General > “Disable Private Messages”

Make sure “Disable Private Messages” is NOT CHECKED.
WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin Documentation - Private Messaging

Enabling this feature will add ‘Messages’ to the Admin navigation here:
Go to Sensei > Messages >

To view/reply to messages sent by students…
Go to Sensei > Messages > [Message Title]

  • Click “Add Comment” button in the ‘Comments’ panel.
  • Type your reply in the field provided.
  • Click “Add Comment” button again to send.

How to Send Message to Course Instructor

On the frontend, this setting adds a new button to the Course Page.
Logged in users and students can then click the “Contact Course Teacher” button to send a message to the Instructor of that course.

  • Go to Course Page on the frontend.
  • Click “Contact Course Teacher” button.
  • Type the message in the ‘Enter private message’ field.
  • Click “Send Message” button.

The message will send from the user that is logged in.

How to View Messages sent by Course Instructor
Sensei will notify the original message sender by email notification when the Course Instructor has replied to the message. Replies can be viewed by clinking the link provided in the email.

Or, view Instructor replies from the frontend by going to ‘My Courses’ page and clicking on the “My Messages” link!

Sensei + BuddyPress

Integrate wpLEARNS for WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin with Buddypress– WordPress’ premiere social networking plugin– to add social networking functionality to your elearning site.

To install the FREE Buddypress Plugin (Core)…
Go to Plugins > Add New >

  • Enter ‘Buddypress’ in the Search Plugins field
  • After you’ve found the plugin by the ‘BuddyPress Community’ click ‘Install Now’
  • Click ‘Activate’

You’ll also need the WooCommerce Sensei LMS Buddypress Add-On. This free add-on was created by the developers of Sensei.

Learn how to download this free Sensei add-on from our WooCommerce Sensei LMS Buddypress Add-On page.

BuddyPress Sensei Groups
Create a Buddypress group for any Sensei course. Students taking that course will be automatically enrolled in the Buddypress group linked to that course. Users in the group get the course activity feed.

Buddypress Messaging
Opt to replace the native Sensei messaging with the Buddypress messaging system.

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