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Course Progress

wpLEARNS for WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin has built-in support for Course Progress. Both students and instructors can view course progress.

Course Progress: Students

From “My Courses” Page
Students can view their Course Progress on the “My Courses Page” (“Active Courses”)


Each course the student is enrolled in will display a Course Progress bar beneath the link to the Course itself.

Click the Course Title to go to the Course page. The Course page itself also displays a Course Progress bar above the Course Lesson List.

In addition, any Course Lessons that are already ‘complete’ will display a ‘✔ Complete’ under the Lesson title.

When are Course Lessons ‘Complete’?
To complete a Course Lesson, the student clicks the “Complete Lesson” button on the Lesson page.

If the Lesson is a Quiz and the Quiz Setting ‘Pass required to complete lesson’ is enabled, the Student can’t manually complete the Lesson. Instead, the student must pass the Quiz to complete that Lesson.

See wpLEARNS “Add Course Content” Documentation for more on Quizzes and Quiz Settings.

When is a Course ‘Complete’?
This depends on how Settings have been configured here: Sensei > Settings > ‘Courses’

‘Courses are Complete’ – Choose from dropdown. Options are 1) after all lessons are complete or 2) anytime a user clicks the ‘Complete Course’ button

See wpLEARNS “Setup” Documentation for more on Course Settings.

Course Progress: Instructors

From Sensei ‘Analysis’
Go to Sensei > Analysis

From the ‘Learners’ tab, you’ll see a list of Learners. You can also use the searchbar to search for a specific Learner. To see Course Progress for any specific Learner, click on their name. You will see a list of Courses the Learner is enrolled in, along with Course Progress in the “Percent Complete” column.

From ‘Learner Management’
Go to Sensei > Learner Management

Click on ‘Manage Learners’ next to the Course you’d like to see progress for. Under ‘Status’ column, you’ll see whether a Course is ‘completed’ or ‘in progress’ for a given Learner.

Click the “Reset progress” button to let a Learner re-take a Course. This changes Learner’s course progress to 0% complete for that Course.

See wpLEARNS “Student Management” Documentation for more on Learner Management

WooCommerce Sensei LMS Course Progress Add-On

Want to add Course Progress to a sidebar so Students never forget where they are at in the Course? There’s a free widget for that!

This free add-on for Sensei adds a widget to display a student’s Course Progress, giving students a convenient look at their progress next to the Course they are taking.

This widget will display only on lesson and quiz pages.
It will display: current course, current lesson and lessons already completed.

Learn how to download this free Sensei add-on from our WooCommerce Sensei LMS Course Progress Add-On page.

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