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Add Modules (aka Topics)

Sensei ‘Modules’ are topics that you can use to organize your actual course content. That course content will consist of Lessons. ‘Modules’ are optional.

Unlike some WordPress LMS Plugins, you do not have to add topics before adding Lessons. However, ‘Modules’ can be re-used by multiple Courses and provide an excellent way to organize Lessons.

To add Modules to a Course…

Go to All Courses > [Click on Course you want to add Modules to] >

  • In the “Course Modules” panel (righthand side), click “Add New Module”
  • Type the name of the Module OR check the box next to any existing Modules you want to add to the Course
  • Click “Add New Module” button
  • Repeat to add as many Modules as you like!
  • Click ‘Update’ when finished to save the Course

WooCommerce Sensei LMS Documentation- Add Module to a Course

To add Modules which can be used in any Course
Go to Modules > Add New Module >

  • Type ‘Name’ of the Module
  • Edit slug if you wish
  • Click “Add New Module” button
  • Under ‘Courses’ search and select any Courses that should include the Module
  • Click ‘Add New Module’

Ordering Sensei Modules

You’ve added Modules, but now how to order them? There are two ways to order Modules.

Order Course Modules by going to All Courses > [click on ‘Order Modules’ button next to Course you want to order Modules for]

WooCommerce Sensei LMS Documentation- Ordering Modules 1

Or, order Modules by going to Courses > Order Modules

Both methods take you to the same page. If you go directly to ‘Order Modules’ you’ll have to choose a Course to edit Modules for from the dropdown.

Use the click and drag interface to order Modules, then click “Save module order”

WooCommerce Sensei LMS Documentation- Ordering Modules 2

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