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Add Course Content

wpLEARNS for WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin lets you create both ‘Lessons’ and ‘Quizzes’ from the Lessons interface.

To designate a Lesson as a ‘Quiz’ Lesson, simply enter information in the ‘Quiz Settings’ and ‘Quiz Questions’ panels. To create a Lesson that isn’t a Quiz, just leave those panels empty.

Add Lessons or Quizzes (as Lessons)

To add Lessons…
Go to Lessons > Add New >

  • Enter a Lesson Title
  • Enter a Lesson description
  • Enter a Lesson ‘Excerpt’, if you wish

WooCommerce Sensei LMS Documentation- Add Lessons or Quizzes

Lesson Information
Enter a ‘Lesson Length in minutes’ (optional)

Choose ‘Lesson Complexity’ from dropdown (optional)

Does this lesson have a video? Enter the embed code for your video in the ‘Video Embed Code’ box. (optional)

WooCommerce Sensei LMS Documentation- Lesson Information

Quiz Settings

You must add ‘Quiz Questions’ before Quiz Setting options will appear. Ignore all Quiz Settings if this Lesson is not a ‘Quiz’

  • ‘Pass required to complete lesson’ – Check box to enable
  • ‘Quiz passmark percentage’ – Enter number that corresponds with % of questions Learner must get right to pass this Quiz
  • ‘Number of questions to show’ – Default is ‘All’
  • ‘Randomise question order’ – Check box to enable
  • ‘Grade quiz automatically’ – Check box to enable. Only works for Multiple Choice, True/False and Gap Fill question types. (Default is enabled)
  • ‘Allow user to retake the quiz’ – Check box to enable

WooCommerce Sensei LMS Documentation- Quiz Settings

Quiz Questions

You must SAVE your Lesson before you can add Quiz Questions. Do do that, click ‘Save Draft’ or ‘Publish’ as always. Once you have saved your lesson you will be able to add questions.
See wpLEARNS Sensei Documentation on Functionality > Quizzes for a detailed look at creating Quizzes with WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin

WooCommerce Sensei LMS Documentation- Quiz Questions

Lesson Prerequisite
Choose ONE Lesson Prerequisite from the dropdown (optional).

Lesson Course
Choose ONE Course to assign this lesson to.

Note: You can also create a Course on the fly from the Lessons edit page by clicking on “Add New Course.”

Once your Lesson is assigned to a ‘Lesson Course’ and saved, that Lesson will display under the selected course here:
Courses > [Course Lesson is assigned to] > “Course Lessons”

Once a Lesson is added to a Course, you can always click ‘Edit this lesson’ within “Course Lessons” from the Course edit page. You cannot however ADD a new Lesson directly from the Course page.

Lesson Module
Choose ONE Module to assign this Lesson to by choosing from the dropdown. (optional)

Note: Nothing will show here unless you’ve selected a ‘Lesson Course’ AND that Course already has Modules assigned to it. If that is the case, you will see Course Modules available for selection.

You may have to Save the Lesson after choosing a ‘Lesson Course’ in order for the ‘Lesson Modules’ to display.

Featured Image
Click ‘Set featured image’ (optional)

Click ‘Upload Files’ and choose one to upload OR click a photo from the ‘Media Library’ (media you have already uploaded).

Click ‘Set featured image’ button.

WooCommerce Sensei LMS Documentation- Additional Lesson Settings

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