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Shortcodes give you a wide range of flexibility in customizing your Lifter site. Use shortcodes to quickly add content anywhere.

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin comes with a wide range of shortcodes. See below…

Access Plan Button Shortcode

Add a button linking to the purchase page for an ‘Access Plan’ anywhere on your site!

[lifterlms_access_plan_button id="666666"]Buy Now[/lifterlms_access_plan_button]

In this case, ‘Buy Now’ is custom text you define.

id refers to the access plan ID.

Required arguments include:
id – (Required) An Access Plan post ID

Optional arguments include:
classes – Add additional CSS classes to button, separated by spaces
size – Button size: “default”, “large”, or “small”
type – Button style: “primary” (blue), “secondary” (grey), “action” (orange), or “danger” (red).

Checkout Shortcode

By default, Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin installs and adds this shortcode to the /purchase page.

Use the shortcode to add the checkout page for purchasing courses and memberships anywhere on your site.

[lifterlms_checkout cols="2"]

cols – Columns displaying: “1” or “2”

Course Information Shortcode

This shortcode will display course meta data.

[lifterlms_course_info key="enrollment_end_date" type="date" format="Y-m-d"]

Options include:

id – By default, the shortcode will pull in information for whatever course page the shortcode is currently displayed on. Otherwise, you need to put a course ID here.
key – Value of the meta key you want to display information for. Leave out ‘_llms_’ prefix from the key.
type – “string,” “date,” or “price.” “date” and “price” will auto-format that information for you when displaying.
date_format – If type is date, set a valid date format which will be used to format the date before displaying on screen. Defaults to F j, Y. See options.

Course Outline Shortcode

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin comes with a ‘Course Outline’ widget. However, you can also display this information using this shortcode.

[lifterlms_course_outline collapse="true" toggles="true" course_id="123"]

Course Progress Shortcode

Course Title Shortcode

Courses Shortcode

Hide Content Shortcode

Login Shortcode

Memberships Shortcode

My Account Shortcode

My Achievements Shortcode

Pricing Table Shortcode

Registration Shortcode

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