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Before doing anything else, you’ll want to install and enable a theme that is compatible with Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin .

Go to Appearance > Themes. To install a new theme, click “Add New.” From here you can either “Upload Theme” that you have downloaded or ‘Search themes’ available free on WordPress.org.

Which theme to choose?

Lifter WordPress LMS Theme LaunchPad

The Lifter WordPress LMS Theme Launchpad was designed specifically for Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin.

Discount Download – 50% Off
Buy from us — wpLEARNS — to get Lifter WordPress LMS Theme Launchpad discounted. There are two ways to buy from us. All purchases include 12/months of updates and unlimited sites!

Our Lifter WordPress LMS Theme Launchpad is IDENTICAL to the product distributed here by LifterLMS.com.

Get Lifter WordPress LMS Theme LaunchPad + Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin (Core) + 7 more add-ons
By offering premium WordPress WooCommerce plugins and themes without costly support or automatic updates, we can provide them more affordably. This plugin is licensed under the GPL v2, the same license as WordPress itself.
Nope! Licenses are sold by the original designer for add-on services like commercial support and automatic updates which wpLEARNS doesn’t offer at these low prices.

Need commercial support?

If you need commercial support and automatic updates, you’ll want to buy these themes and plugins full-price directly from the developer: LifterLMS.com

Other Compatible Themes

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin is compatible with a variety of respected themes. Including…

  • Canvas
  • Course Lady
  • Divi
  • Genesis
  • LifterLMS LaunchPad
  • Twenty Eleven
  • Twenty Fifteen
  • Twenty Fourteen
  • Twenty Sixteen
  • Twenty Seventeen
  • Twenty Thirteen
  • Twenty Twelve
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