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Lifter Checkout (Built-in)

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin has eCommerce built-in. The native Lifter Checkout supports only Stripe and PayPal– two of the most popular payment gateways.

With the Lifter Checkout, you can sell Courses with ‘Access Plans’ or ‘Memberships.’

Download Required Plugins

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+ Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin (Core)

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Install the Required Plugins

Install Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin (Core) and one or both of the following add-ons: Lifter WordPress LMS Stripe Gateway Add-On and Lifter WordPress LMS PayPal Gateway Add-On

To install these plugins (if you haven’t already)…

  • Download the plugin to your computer.
  • Login to WordPress Admin. Go to Plugins > Add New
  • Click on “Upload Plugin”
  • Browse to find the WordPress Courseware Plugin plugin you downloaded.
  • Click “Install Now”, then “Activate”.

Configure Payment Gateways

Go to LifterLMS > Settings > “Checkout”

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin eCommerce Lifter Checkout Settings

Under ‘Payment Gateways’ enable each payment gateway you want to use. Follow the instructions to configure the gateway and enter the proper credentials.

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin eCommerce Lifter Payment Gateways

You will need a Stripe and/or PayPal account to use these gateways. API Keys and other credentials are supplied by the payment gateway company through your account on those company site/s.

Sell Course with ‘Access Plan’

Want to sell access to a single Course? This is the way Udemy works– students buy access to one course at a time.

To do this, you will add an ‘Access Plan’ to the Course’s “Product Options.”

To add an ‘Access Plan’ to a Course…

Required Fields: ‘Plan Title’ and ‘Price’

  • Go to Courses > [Course Name] > “Product Options”
  • Click “Add Access Plan”
  • Enter a ‘Plan Title’ (ex: “Buy it now!”)
  • Enter a ‘Price’ and choose a ‘Frequency’ from the dropdown
  • Set ‘Access Expiration.’ Default is lifetime access.
  • Select ‘Sale’ for ‘Sale Pricing’ to set a sale price (if you want one)
  • Enter a plan ‘Description’

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin eCommerce Sell Course with Access Plan

When you are finished defining your ‘Access Plan,’ click “Save Access Plans”

Free Courses?
Make a course ‘free’ by checking ‘Is Free’ when editing an ‘Access Plan.’

More than one ‘Access Plan’?
Yes! You can add as many ‘Access Plan’ options as you’d like. For instance, you might offer different pricing via different Access Plans for ‘One Month’ ‘6 Month’ or ‘One Year’ access.

Sell Course with a ‘Membership’

Want to sell access to several courses with a ‘Membership’ product? Like, for instance, TeamTreehouse?

To do this, first you need to add some memberships.

Add Memberships

See wpLEARNS Documentation on Create Memberships to learn how to add Memberships with the Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin

Add Courses to Membership…
Go to Memberships > Add Membership > “Auto Enrollment” (Tab)


Here is where you add Courses to your Membership! Choose all courses that should be accessible when this Membership is purchased with the dropdown. Users associated with the Membership (through purchase or by enrolling for a free membership) will be ‘auto enrolled’ in the Courses you have defined here.

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