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Student Management

In order for users to access Courses created with the Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin, users must be…

  • Registered on your WordPress website as a ‘subscriber’
  • Enrolled in the ‘Course’ they want access to.


User registration is supported natively by WordPress.

To allow anyone to register on your site…

  • Go to Settings > General > “Membership”
  • Check “Anyone can register”
  • Set a “New User Default Role” (probably you want to set this to ‘Subscriber’

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin - Functionality Student Management Registration

This will add a Register page to your WordPress site, for instance:


Course Enrollment Settings

Of course, whether a student can get access to a Course depends on many factors including if it costs money (and they have purchased it), but also if they have supplied information in all the registration fields you have marked as ‘required’ in Lifter settings.

To change which user registration fields are ‘required’…
Go to LifterLMS > Settings > Accounts > “User Information Options” >

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin - Functionality Course Enrollment

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin - Functionality Course Enrollment Settings

You can set optional or required for any of the following fields:

  • Checkout Fields
  • Open Registration Fields
  • Account Update Fields

Course Enrollment

How users ‘enroll’ as students in your course is defined at the Course level here:
Go to Courses > [Course Title] > “Product Options” > “Course Access Plans”

See wpLEARNS Documentation on “Sell Courses” to learn more about setting course pricing and access options with Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin
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