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Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin offers built-in support for many types of email Notifications.

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin considers email notifications a type of ‘Engagement.’

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin: Notification Settings

To configure basic email settings, such as the email address ‘sender’ field…
Go to LifterLMS > Settings > “Engagements”

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin: Email Notifications

Here’s how it works: First, you create an email notification for some kind of engagement (say, student finishes a Lesson). In order for that email to be activated, you need to create an Engagement and assign the email notification to that engagement.

To create an Email Notification…
Go to Engagements > Emails > “Add Email”

  • Enter Email Title (students won’t see this)
  • Enter email content
  • Enter “Email Settings”
  • Click ‘Save Draft,’ ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’ to save!
Add shortcodes to email content!
Use “Merge Codes” button in the WYSIWIG to add dynamically generated text like ‘Student First Name’ or ‘Current Date’ to the email.
More on “Email Settings”…
To add a dynamically generated list of emails to the Email Setting fields, click on ‘Merge Codes’ and select ‘Student Email’ or ‘Admin Email.’ You’ll have the full ‘Merge Codes’ options for the “Email Subject” field.

To add an Email Notification to an Engagement…
Go to Engagements > Emails > “Add Engagement” OR
Engagements > [Engagement Title] (if you already created an Engagement you want to add the Email to.)

  • Add a title for your Engagement (ex: “Congrats Course Finished”)
  • Select a ‘Triggering Event’ from the dropdown (ex: “Student completes a course”)
  • ‘Select a Course’ from dropdown (you can only select one)
  • Select the ‘Engagement Type’: “Send an Email” from the dropdown
  • ‘Select an Engagement’: Select the email you created from the dropdown!
  • Enter an ‘Engagement Delay’ if you want. By default, the email will be sent immediately when the ‘Triggering Event’ occurs. If you add a number, the email will instead send that many days after the ‘Triggering Event’

Click ‘Save draft’ ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’ to save.

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