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There are add-on plugins available to make Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin work with all of the following third-party plugins and services:

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin WooCommerce Integration

Want to sell your courses? Do it with WooCommerce, the most popular WordPress eCommerce solution. Even if you don’t want to sell your courses, use WooCommerce to offer ‘free’ courses that require enrollment.

wpLEARNS Lifter WordPress LMS WooCommerce Add-On integrates Lifter with WooCommerce

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin Stripe Payment Gateway Integration

Accept payments from customers with Stripe. Stripe has some of the best rates for international payments on the market today. Stripe supports payments in: United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands and more.

wpLEARNS Lifter WordPress LMS Stripe Gateway Add-On integrates Lifter with Stripe

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin PayPal Payment Gateway Integration

Accept payments from customers with PayPal

wpLEARNS Lifter WordPress LMS PayPal Gateway Add-On integrates Lifter with PayPal

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin MailChimp Integration

MailChimp provides email marketing for more than 15 million people globally. Send better emails, connect your e-commerce store, and sell more stuff.

wpLEARNS Lifter WordPress LMS Mailchimp Add-On integrates Lifter with Mailchimp

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin Gravity Forms Integration

Gravity Forms is an extremely popular WordPress Plugin for creating sophisticated forms for your website.

wpLEARNS Lifter WordPress LMS Gravity Forms Add-On integrates Lifter with Gravity Forms

The Lifter integration for Gravity Forms lets you create custom registration forms and turn the ‘course complete’ button into a custom form!

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin AffiliateWP Integration

Let there be Affiliates! Combine Lifter with this trusted affiliate plugin for your WordPress site!

AffiliateWP LifterLMS Add-On integrates Lifter with AffiliateWP– Get it here

Of course, the AffiliateWP LifterLMS Add-On requires the Core AffiliateWP Plugin.

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