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Course Progress

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin has built-in support for Course Progress. Both students and instructors can view course progress.

Lifter Course Progress: Students

From “My Courses” Page
Students can view their Course Progress on the “My Courses Page” (“Courses In-Progress”)


Each course the student is enrolled in will display a Course Progress bar beneath the link to the Course itself.

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin - Functionality Frontend Course Progress

Click ‘View the Course’ to go to the Course page. The Course page itself also displays a Course Progress bar above the Course Lesson List.

In addition, the Course Lessons that are ‘complete’ will display a colored checkbox instead of a gray one. Another great visual cue that the student has completed the lesson!

Students can click ‘Continue’ beneath the Course Progress bar to continue where they left off in the Course.

Lifter Course Progress: Instructors

From the Course Page
Instructors can view students’ progress for a given Course by going to the Course page in WP Admin:
Go to Courses > [Course Title] > Student Management

It will be at the bottom of the Course page. All students for the Course are listed here. Under the ‘Progress’ column, the % of the Course that each student has completed displays.

Click on the Student’s Name for more information about that student’s progress.
This will take you to LifterLMS > Reporting > Students

Course Progress for that Student will display in the Dashboard.

From “Reporting”
Go to LifterLMS > Reporting > Students

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin - Functionality Student Progress Reporting

… To see a rundown of all students enrolled in Courses on your site. The ‘Progress’ column displays progress complete % for each student.

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