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Lifter WordPress LMS Certificates are very powerful. You can issue ‘certificates’ for actions like enrolling, purchasing or completing. Certificates can be associated with Courses, Lessons, Quizzes, Memberships and more.

To use a Lifter Certificate, follow these general steps:

  • Define Certificate Image size (for background image) — Go to LifterLMS > Settings > “Engagements”
  • Create Certificate – Go to Engagements > Certificates > “Add Certificate”
  • Create an ‘Engagement’ to assign Certificate to – Go to Engagements > “Add Engagement”

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin - Certificates Add Engagement

Let’s take a look at each of these steps!

Lifter WordPress LMS: Certificate Settings

Lifter WordPress LMS offers several settings

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin - Certificate Settings

To define the width and height for certificate background images…
Go to LifterLMS > Settings > “Engagements”

Lifter WordPress LMS: Create Certificate

Go to Engagements > Certificates > “Add Certificate”

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin - Certificates Add New Certificate

Give your Certificate a name…

Define what will display on your Certificate
Use the WYSIWIG to add text to your Certificate. Use the shortcodes below within the text to create customized certificates. These shortcodes will dynamically generate information like the student’s name and current date!


Define Certificate Settings…

  • Enter a ‘Certificate Title’
  • Upload a background image by clicking on ‘Upload Image’

Lifter WordPress LMS: Add Certificate to Course

Save or Publish Certificate
Click ‘Save Draft’ or ‘Publish’ to save or publish your certificate.

Preview your Certificate
Click ‘Preview Changes’ anytime you’d like to see how your certificate will look on the frontend, and as a printable pdf.

Lifter WordPress LMS: Add ‘Engagement’, Assign Certificate

Lifter WordPress LMS lets you add a Certificate to courses, lessons, quizzes, and more!

After you create a Certificate, you need to create an Engagement to assign that Certificate to. Basically, you are defining the event that will trigger your Certificate to be sent to the student.

To create an Engagement…
Go to Engagements > “Add Engagement”

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin - Certificates Add Engagement

Enter an Engagement Title

Choose a ‘Triggering Event’ from the dropdown.
The following events or ‘Engagements’ can be defined as triggers for making a Certificate available to a student. The student…

  • Creates a new account
  • Enrolls in a Membership
  • Purchases a Membership
  • Enrolls in a Course
  • Purchases a Course
  • Completes a Course
  • Completes a Lesson
  • Completes a Section
  • Completes a Course Track
  • Completes a Quiz
  • Passes a Quiz
  • Fails a Quiz

‘Select a Course’ to assign the Engagement to.

‘Choose Engagement Type’ “Award a Certificate”

‘Select an Engagement’ by choosing your saved Certificate

Enter an ‘Engagement Delay’
If you want the Certificate to be issued as soon as the action is triggered, leave this field blank. Otherwise, add the number of the days that should pass after the trigger before the Certificate is issued.

‘Save’ or ‘Publish’
Click ‘Save Draft’ or ‘Publish’ to save or publish your engagement.

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin - Certificates Example Certificate

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