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Create Memberships

This is an overview of how to create Membership products (“Memberships”) with the Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin.

Creating a Membership with Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin is incredibly easy and user-friendly.

Add a Membership

Go to Memberships > Add Membership > “Description”(Tab)

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin- Add New Membership

Like Courses themselves, you can define both a ‘Members’ and ‘Non-Members’ Description.

Add Membership “Product Options”

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin- Membership Product Options

Memberships > Add Membership > “Product Options”

  • Add a ‘Plan Title’
  • Add a ‘Price’ and choose a ‘Frequency’
  • Choose ‘Access Expiration’ from dropdown. Default is ‘Lifetime Access’
  • Enter a ‘Plan Description’

You can also check ‘Featured’ to highlight the Plan. Or, enable ‘Trial Offer’ or set ‘Sale Pricing’

Free Courses?
Make a Membership ‘free’ by checking ‘Is Free’ when editing an ‘Access Plan.’

More than one ‘Access Plan’?
Yes! You can add as many ‘Access Plan’ options as you’d like. For instance, you might offer different pricing via different Access Plans for ‘One Month’ ‘6 Month’ or ‘One Year’ access.

Membership Restrictions

Memberships > Add Membership > “Restrictions” (Tab)

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin- Membership Restrictions

Choose what should happen when a non-member tries to access content that is only available for this Membership. Choose an option from the dropdown. Default is ‘Stay on Page.’

Enable ‘Display a Message’ if you’d like to customize a message for the non-Member after redirection.

Add Courses to Membership

Memberships > Add Membership > “Auto Enrollment” (Tab)

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin- Membership Add Courses- Auto Enrollment

Here is where you add Courses to your Membership! Choose all courses that should be accessible when this Membership is purchased with the dropdown. Users associated with the Membership (through purchase or by enrolling for a free membership) will be ‘auto enrolled’ in the Courses you have defined here.

Set Membership Product Image

Like every WordPress post or page, you can set a featured image from the ‘Featured Image’ panel.

This image will appear on the Membership product page, and as a thumbnail in the “Membership Catalog”

Make Membership Visible

When you have finished defining your Membership, click “Publish”

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin- Membership Make Visible

By default, Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin‘s Setup Wizard creates a ‘Membership Catalog’ page (http://yoursite.com/memberships/). Any published Memberships will automatically appear there.

To change Membership Catalog appearance or location…
Go to LifterLMS > Settings > “Catalogs”

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