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Add Course

If you used Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin‘s Setup Wizard (and we hope you did!) you had the option to install a ‘Sample Course.’

To find the ‘Sample Course’ go to Courses > “How to Build a Learning Management System with LifterLMS”

Return to the Setup Wizard anytime! Go to LifterLMS > Settings > “General” (Tab) > ‘Tools and Utilities’

Here’s how to create a course with Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin.

To add a new course…
Go to Courses > Add Course

Enter “Course Title.”
LifterLMS WordPress Plugin- Add Course

Set “Course Options”….
LifterLMS WordPress Plugin- Course Options General

“Course Options”: Description

Enrolled / Non-Enrolled Student Descriptions
Use the WYSIWIG to enter different Course descriptions for both enrolled students and non-enrolled site users.

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin- Course Options Description-1

The following settings appear on every tab: For some reason, the following options can be configured from every tab on the Course page: Product Options, Course Outline, Course Settings, Course Layout Settings, Student Management. Only “Product Options” needs to be defined before you can save your course.

We will review them only once (below).

Product Options
Define pricing to access your Course.
Course cannot be saved until a Plan Title and Price is added.

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin- Course Options Description-2

Course Outline

We recommend coming back to Course Outline – We recommend completing all other Course Options and then building your Course Outline. In other words, define basic settings, then dig into building out the content of your course.

Click “Add” to begin using the Course Builder to build your course outline. Options include:

  • “Add New Section”
  • “Add New Lesson”
  • “Add Existing Lesson”– Yes, you can re-use lesson content!

Course Settings
Use the WYSIWIG to enter a Course description that will display only on Course archive pages.

Layout Settings
Customize the layout for this Course page, including entering custom text that will display in the header or ‘hiding’ the Course Title.

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin- Course Options Description-3

Student Management
Here, you will find a list of all students currently enrolled in this Course. You can search students by name or email.

You can also manually add (‘enroll’) new students from this panel by searching your site’s user list, selecting a student and clicking “Enroll Students.”

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin- Course Options Description-4

“Course Options”: General

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin- Course Options General
Enter ‘Course Length’

Select ‘Course Difficulty’ from the dropdown. To customize difficulty levels available in this dropdown, go to Courses > Difficulties.

Paste url for a ‘Featured Video’ (If you want one). Enable “Display Featured Video on Course Tile” if you want.

What’s a Course Tile? A course tile refers to the thumbnail and summary that appears for that course on archive pages such as the “Course Catalog” page. Enabling this option embeds the featured video where featured image would usually be in the tile.

“Course Options”: Restriction

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin- Course Options Restrictions
Enter a custom ‘Content Restricted Message.’ This message will appear when a user attempts to view content they don’t have access to.

Enable other of the following functionality for your Course by checking the box. These optional features include…

  • Enrollment Period – Set a date when enrollment for the Course starts and ends.
  • Course Time Period – Set dates when the Course content can be viewed.
  • Prerequisites – Select other Courses you’ve created to be ‘prerequisites’ for this one. Ie, a student must complete those courses before enrolling successfully in this one.
  • Course Capacity – Enter the # of students allowed to enroll

“Course Options”: Reviews

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin- Course Options Reviews
Course reviews are disabled by default. Check the box to enable any of the following…

  • Enable Reviews
  • Display Reviews (on the Course page)
  • Prevent Multiple Reviews (by the same user)
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