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Add Course Content

Add course content with ‘Lessons’ and ‘Quizzes’.

Add Lessons

To add Lessons to a Course…

Go to Courses > [Click on Course you want to add Sections to] >
Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin- Course Content- Add New Lesson

Then, from ANY TAB (Description, General, Restrictions, Reviews) scroll till you see the “Course Outline” panel.

  • Click “Add” > “Add New Lesson”
  • Enter Title of the Lesson.
  • Enter a short description of the Lesson
  • Select the Course ‘Section’ you want to add the Lesson to from a dropdown
  • Click “Create Lesson”

After you have created the lesson, you’ll return to the Course Outline. Now, you will see an “Edit Content” button next to any Lessons you have created. Click “Edit Content” when you are ready to add content to that Lesson!

To edit a Lesson outside of a ‘Course’ go to Lessons > [Click on the Lesson Title]

Click “Edit Content” to add content to the Lesson. Lessons are custom WordPress posts. So, by default, ‘Lessons’ can include any information you can add to a normal WordPress Post:

  • Text
  • Links
  • Media
  • Forms (if you have a plugin that adds that functionality)

LifterLMS WordPress Plugin - Course Content- Edit Lesson

Lesson Settings Panel

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin adds a “Lesson Settings” panel to each Lesson. Click on the following tabs to define Lesson Settings:
Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin- Course Content- Lessons Settings Panel


  • Video Embed (paste url) — will automatically appear at top of lesson
  • Audio Embed (paste url)— will automatically appear at top of lesson
  • Enable “Free” lesson — great for making some lessons ‘free samples’

By default, a course Lesson has no prerequisites. Check ‘Enable Prerequisite’ to enable a single lesson prerequisite.

‘Choose Prerequisite’ (Lesson) from the dropdown.

You can only choose one.

Drip Settings
By default, Lesson ‘dripping’ is disabled. This means all lessons are immediately available when a student enrolls in a Course.

Choose a ‘Drip Method’ from the dropdown if you want a Lesson to ‘drip.’ Options are:

  • Available on a specific date
  • Available # of days after enrollment in the course
  • Available # of days after start date

Choose an ‘Assigned Quiz’ for the Lesson from the dropdown of all quizzes you have created.

If selected, that quiz must be taken in order for the student to successfully complete the lesson.

Check ‘Require Passing Grade’ to require a passing grade on the quiz before the student can complete the lesson.

Course Outline [panel]
In addition to assigning Lessons to a Section from the Course Outline on the COURSE page, you can also do so from the ‘Course Outline’ panel on the Lesson post.

TIP: Use the ‘Course Outline’ panel on the Lesson posts to quickly navigate back to the Course page/s that Lesson is assigned to. You can then ‘Edit Content’ for another Lesson from the Course page.

Add Quizzes

Quizzes are added to Lessons! In Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin, Quizzes are added to Lessons. They are not added from the Course page.
See wpLEARNS Documentation on Quizzes to learn how to add quiz content with Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin.

Make Course Visible

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin- Make Course Visible
To make a Course visible on the frontend of your site, all you need to do is click the “Publish” button from the Course page (Courses > [Course Name]). It’s that simple!

By default, Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin‘s Setup Wizard creates a ‘Course Catalog’ page. Any published courses will automatically appear there.

To change Course Catalog appearance or location…
Go to LifterLMS > Settings > “Catalogs”

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