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Create Courses

This is an overview of how to create courses with the Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin. View the documentation in this section for more details.

Creating a course with Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin is incredibly easy and user-friendly.

Use the Course Builder! The Course page includes a slick ‘course builder.’ Everything you need to do to create a course (adding sections, adding lessons) can be done using the ‘course builder’ from the Course page.

To create a course with the Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin, you will follow these steps:

Add the ‘Course’ – Give the course a name and define settings.

Add ‘Section/s’ to the Course – Sections are topics that you can use to organize your actual course content. Add sections using the ‘course builder’ from the Course page.

Add course content – Do this by adding ‘Lessons’ and ‘Quizzes.’ Add content using the ‘course builder’ from the Course page. Quizzes are added to ‘Lessons’ on the Lesson post page.

Make the Course visible – All you need to do is ‘publish’ your course from the Course page! Courses are automatically added to the Course Catalog page (http://yoursite.com/courses/). The Course Catalog page is installed automatically if you use the Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin Setup Wizard.

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