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Lifter WordPress LMS Documentation

This documentation was created by wpLEARNS. It is not the official (developer-created) documentation.

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Welcome to wpLEARNS Lifter WordPress LMS Documentation!

Use this documentation to explore the plugin’s functionality before purchase. Or, to learn how to use the Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin you’ve just purchased!

Here’s a run-down of what our Lifter WordPress LMS Documentation covers…

Lifter Documentation: How to Download

Find out how to download this plugin– direct from the developer or discounted from wpLEARNS.

Buy this plugin from wpLEARNS for 50% off the developer price. Includes 12 months/updates and unlimited sites.

Lifter Documentation: Installation

Get step-by-step instructions on how to install Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin on your WordPress site.

Lifter Documentation: Setup

Learn how to get the Lifter WordPress LMS set up and ready to build courses! An overview of General Settings such as Catalogs, Accounts, Checkout, Engagements and Integrations.

Lifter Documentation: Create Courses

Learn how to create courses with the Lifter WordPress LMS!

Get an overview on the steps you need to take to create a course.

Then, view in-depth documentation on each step, including:

  • Add Course
  • Add Sections
  • Add Course Content

Lifter Documentation: Create Memberships

Built-in support for Membership products gives Lifter WordPress LMS an advantage over many other WordPress LMS Plugins.

Learn how to create Memberships, set pricing for Memberships, add Courses to Memberships and more.

Lifter Documentation: Sell Courses

Want to sell access to your courses?

Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin has a built-in eCommerce solution. Or, you can use WooCommerce.

View in-depth documentation on how to sell courses with both LifterLMS checkout (built-in) and WooCommerce.

Lifter Documentation: Functionality

Does Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin provide the functionality your LMS needs?

Does enabling this functionality for Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin require third-party plugins?

We’ll take a look at the following functionality:

  • Certificates
  • Drip Feeds
  • Grading
  • Prerequisites
  • Notifications
  • Student Management
  • Course Progress
  • Quizzes
  • Media Support
  • Social/ Messaging/ Buddypress
  • Integrations

Lifter Documentation: Shortcodes

An overview of the shortcodes provided by Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin.

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