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Add Course

How to Add a Course with LearnSprint – Exact Clone of WordPress LearnDash Plugin

Go to LearnDash LMS > Courses > Add New

[image here]

Enter “Course Title.”

Add any of the following optional content using the “Course” panel:

Course Materials

Course Price
The default is ‘Open.’ Choose any of the following from the dropdown:

  • Open – Anyone can take the course without needing to login or register
  • Closed – Students need to be added manually OR add a custom link to the Product that is selling access to the course.
  • This is the option to choose if you are using WooCommerce with this plugin.
  • Free – Uses LearnDash’s built-in PayPal integration to sell a ‘free’ course.
  • Buy Now – Uses LearnDash’s built-in PayPal integration to sell a course with a price.
  • Recurring – Uses LearnDash’s built-in PayPal integration to set up a ‘recurring’ payment.

Course Access List
Lists ID of all students who have access to this course.

Sort Lesson By
Choose how Lessons should be sorted when displaying on the Course page.

Sort Lesson Direction
Choose the sort order of lessons in this course

Course Prerequisites
Choose any that apply from the dropdown.

Disable Lesson Progression
Check box if you want to allow students to complete lessons in ANY order, rather than the one you’ve defined.

Expire Access
Check the box if you’d like to define a date after which access to the course expires. After checking, you can enter a number (days) in the field provided.

Hide Course Content Table
Check the box to hide the Course Content table to users who aren’t enrolled. The Course Content table is the list of lessons and topics associated with a course.

Associated Certificate
Select a certificate to be awarded upon course completion. Choose from the dropdown.

Add a Featured Image
Click ‘Set Featured Image’ in the “Featured Image” panel to define an image for your Course.

Choose an image from the ‘Media Library’ (already uploaded) or click Upload Files to upload a new image.

Select image and click ‘Set Featured Image.’

Click ‘Save Draft’ or ‘Publish’ to save your Course.

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