Compliance Training LMS with WordPress

Compliance Training LMS? Try WordPress!

If you are looking for a compliance training LMS, you need look no further than WordPress.

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system used by more than 27.5% of the top 10 million websites. Used by more than 60 million websites, it is widely considered the most popular website software.

Best of all? The core WordPress software is free! You can host the software yourself or use most any hosting service’s ‘one click install’ service to launch a WordPress site. Depending on your needs, you can host your WordPress site for free on, or let the minds behind WordPress host a site for you on

Compliance Training LMS for $20/month? Yes You Can!

If we told you you could have a Compliance Training LMS for less than $20/month (including hosting), would you be interested?

We thought so! Turn any WordPress site into a robust LMS by purchasing and enabling a WordPress LMS Plugin.

Since WordPress itself is free, you only need to purchase a WordPress LMS Plugin to add learning management functionality to your WordPress site.

There are two ways to buy a WordPress LMS Plugin that you need:

Buy Full Price w/ Support
Buy WordPress LMS Plugins directly from the developer who created them for add-on services such as automated updates and support.

If you need support, we encourage you to buy directly from the developer.

COST? $100-$200 / year
+ Add-on costs

Buy Discounted from wpLEARNS
By offering premium WordPress LMS plugins and themes without support or automatic updates, we can provide them more affordably.

Includes a year of updates which you can apply manually.

COST? 50-70% LESS
than the developer price
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There are many impressive WordPress LMS Plugins on the market, including:

Compliance Training LMS: Reduce Liability!

Most organizations and companies are in desperate need of compliance training for employees. Structured compliance training courses educate your staff on the company policies, laws and regulations that relate to the job responsibilities.

Sure, you could print out an employee handbook. However, decades of employer experience has proven this is a poor way to educate staff. Print or pdf ‘handbooks’ are difficult to digest for the employee. It is difficult for employers to know if staff have actually read the material and. More importantly, it is difficult for your company to prove that you provided employees with the necessary compliance training.

Put simply: Offering an effective and structured compliance training is critical to helping your company or organization reduce legal liability.

The best way to provide this structure is with a Compliance Training LMS.

Since employers have a business to run, their Compliance Training LMS should be easy to use for both training instructors and employees.

Compliance Training LMS Features: WordPress Delivers!

WordPress can deliver all of the basics that your Compliance Training LMS needs:

User-friendly Frontend and Backend
Wordpress LMS Plugins build on WordPress’ friendly content creation tools. That means your compliance training instructors can use the intuitive content creation tools WordPress offers to build multi-media courses that meet your organization’s needs.

On the frontend, WordPress LMS Plugins provide your staff with a professional course taking interface. Your staff ‘students’ will have course dashboards, progress bars and secure login.

Multi-Media Content
The WordPress LMS Plugins sold on this site support video, files, images, audio, and text content. This gives your organization maximum flexibility to offer the compliance training format that’s right for you.

Course, Lesson and Quiz Creation Tools
The WordPress LMS Plugins we sell include the ability to create Courses, Lessons and even Quizzes that will be automatically graded. Set course prerequisites, ‘passing grade’ thresholds and even issue compliance training completion certificates!

Course Progress
Did an employee finish the course? What % of the compliance training has each employee completed? Was the staff member on the page long enough to have fully watched the compliance training video?

Your WordPress Compliance Training LMS will provide reporting on all this and more. Course Progress is available out-of-the-box for most WordPress LMS Plugins sold on this site. Both instructors and students can see course progress at a glance. Some WordPress LMS Plugins offer ‘timer’ options. You can set a time limit during which a course or quiz must be complete. Or, you can require that a student view a video lesson for the entire duration.

Compliance Training LMS: Which one is right for you?

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