Best WordPress LMS Plugins

Best WordPress LMS Plugins for eCommerce

Looking for the best WordPress LMS plugins to sell courses online? While most LMS plugins (including all those sold on our site) offer some kind of eCommerce solution, not all are intuitive for your students and customers.

Plugins like the Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin offer a nifty built-in payment gateway that supports simple commerce needs and supports payment processing only through PayPal and Stripe.

But what if your eCommerce plan is more complicated?

  • Want to sell more than courses and memberships (like for instance physical or virtual products)?
  • Need to support advanced tax rules?
  • Want to accept payments with something OTHER than Stripe or PayPal?

For any of these scenarios, the best WordPress LMS plugin for you should include WooCommerce integration. Why?

WooCommerce is by far the most versatile and advanced eCommerce solution currently available for WordPress. In fact, it’s estimated that WooCommerce alone powers over 25% of all eCommerce websites.

User-Friendly Course Purchases with WooCommerce?

Finding a WordPress LMS that supports WooCommerce is fairly easy. Finding one that offers an intuitive frontend purchase process is another.

By default, WooCommerce links to the PRODUCT purchased from the cart and order confirmation emails. WordPress LMS plugins typically accomplish ‘selling’ a course by linking one or more courses to a WooCommerce product.

The problem? After purchasing access to a Course, customers are by default provided links back to the WooCommerce product they have purchased– which does not by default include any links or reference to the Courses they have just purchased access to. This can create an un-intuitive purchase process for your customers.

Since by default WooCommerce points back to the Product pages after purchase, the product pages should ideally include links to courses the product provides access to, maybe even access to the course itself. However, even the best WordPress LMS Plugins do not automatically provide this visible link between the Product and Courses it is linked to. Instead, these plugins rely on you to create marketing content on the WooCommerce Product page to explain what Courses or Memberships a customer can access after purchase.

Both Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin and wpLEARNS for WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin handles the link between WooCommerce Products and Courses in this rather unintuitive way.

Best WordPress LMS Plugins for eCommerce: Course Linking

Product linked to Course in Sensei

Best WordPress LMS Plugin - WooCommerce Product Page

The Product Page giving access to the Course does not include links to it by default…

Shortcodes to the Rescue!
Fortunately, both Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin and wpLEARNS for WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin include shortcodes that can solve this problem.

Sensei includes the Course Page shortcode, found here in the wpLEARNS Sensei Documentation. This shortcode lets you display content for a Course on a page other than the Course page– For instance, on a WooCommerce Product Page!
Lifter includes a “Course Outline” widget and Shortcode which allows you to display course outlines relevant for a WooCommerce Product on the Product page. Check out the wpLEARNS Lifter Documentation on shortcodes for details.

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Best WordPress LMS Plugins for Video Content

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