Best WordPress LMS Plugins for Video Content

Best WordPress LMS Plugins for Video: Criteria

In the world of online learning, video content is king. That’s why successful course marketplaces like Udemy require that video content make up a large percentage of the course content submitted by its instructors.

Fortunately, many of the best WordPress LMS plugins on the market do offer explicit support for video content. When choosing a WordPress LMS, you’ll want to consider the following:

Course Lesson Video ‘Embed’ Link?
Lifter WordPress LMS Plugin lessons include a designated field for embedding a video url from YouTube, Wistia or Vimeo. LifterLMS WordPress Plugin - Functionality Video and Audio Media

wpLEARNS for WooCommerce Sensei LMS Plugin as well includes a video embed link in Lessons under the ‘Lesson Information’ > “Video Embed Code” panel.WooCommerce Sensei LMS Documentation- Lesson Information

Course ‘Timer’?
Many LMS sites — especially those looking to use WordPress as a Compliance Training LMS — want some reassurance that students are actually spending enough time with the course content.

Most of the best WordPress LMS plugins rely on students clicking the ‘lesson complete’ button in order to mark a lesson ‘complete.’ Quizzes typically have a different procedure, as they can be configured to require input and a ‘passing grade’ (whether graded automatically or manually) to be considered ‘complete.’

Video content poses a special problem– especially since it is generally easier and more cost-effective to host video on an external platform like YouTube or Wistia. Such platforms drastically increase the speed of pageloads, removing the need for LMS site owners to have specialized systems administrator knowledge. If a link is simply ’embedded’ how can the instructor confirm the student has actually watched it?

A reasonable work-around is to include some kind of course ‘timer’ requirement on the page. By defining the minimum time that a student must stay on a Lesson page before they can mark that lesson ‘complete,’ the instructor has already created an obstacle to faking lesson completion.

There is a free third-party plugin for Sensei which can be used to add this functionality!

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